What is another word for pre-eminence?

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Related words: pre-eminence in society, pre-eminence of a religion, pre-eminent scientist, pre-eminence of a language, pre-eminence of science, scientific prominence

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    How to use "Pre-eminence" in context?

    The concept of pre-eminence is often used in business to describe a situation where one business is considered to be better or more important than other businesses. This can be based on a number of factors, including the size of the company, the quality of the products or services it offers, or the reputation of the company.

    The idea of pre-eminence can give businesses a sense of superiority or assurance, deterring other businesses from challenging them or seeking to take advantage of their position. While pre-eminence can be a valuable asset for a business, it can also be a challenge to maintain.

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