What is another word for coiffe?

Pronunciation: [kˈɔ͡ɪf] (IPA)

Coiffe is a French term that means a hairstyle or head covering. There are many synonyms for coiffe, including hairdo, 'do, updo, chignon, bun, hairstyle, headgear, headwear, millinery, and headdress. These synonyms can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the sentence. A coiffe can be simple or elaborate, and there are various styles to choose from. Whether it's a chic bob, classic ponytail or fancy updo, a well-chosen coiffe can elevate your look and make you feel confident. So, if you're planning to attend a special occasion or just want to update your everyday look, experimenting with different coiffes can be a fun and exciting experience.

Synonyms for Coiffe:

What are the hypernyms for Coiffe?

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Usage examples for Coiffe

The old woman, spare, myriad-wrinkled beneath her peasant's coiffe, yet looking as if carved out of weather-beaten oak, glanced from the gift to the donor and from the donor to the gift.
"The Rough Road"
William John Locke
She would not "coiffe Sainte Catherine."
"The Story of Louie"
Oliver Onions
If my coiffe does not cover my hair, neither does the small Paris hat of the Countess de Vassart cover her hair.
"The Maids of Paradise"
Robert W. (Robert William) Chambers

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