What is another word for Sententiousness?

Pronunciation: [sɛntˈɛnʃəsnəs] (IPA)

Sententiousness is a word that describes someone who speaks or writes in a manner that is overly moralistic or preachy, with a tone that is often annoying or condescending. Some synonyms for this word might include sanctimoniousness, sermonizing, moralizing, or pontificating. Other possible words that could be used to describe someone who speaks in this way might include self-righteous, holier-than-thou, pompous, or pedantic. Overall, sententiousness can be a frustrating quality to encounter in others, as it can come across as insincere or disingenuous, and can sometimes actively harm one's ability to communicate effectively or maintain positive relationships with others.

Synonyms for Sententiousness:

What are the hypernyms for Sententiousness?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Sententiousness

You must excuse this piece of serious Sententiousness; for it has relieved me; and you may look upon it as much the same with coughing before one begins to sing, or deliver anything in public, in order that the voice may be as clear as possible.
"Boswell's Correspondence with the Honourable Andrew Erskine, and His Journal of a Tour to Corsica"
James Boswell
And the supreme simplicity of the rejoinder, coupled with the complete unconsciousness of the speaker that there was anything unusual in his attitude, at once erased any savour of Sententiousness.
"The Letter-Bag of Lady Elizabeth Spencer-Stanhope v. I."
A. M. W. Stirling (compiler)

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