What is another word for signalize?

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Signalize is a verb that means to give a signal or to make something noticeable. Some synonyms for signalize include: indicate, demonstrate, manifest, highlight, underscore, emphasize, draw attention to, show, reveal, express, declare, proclaim, broadcast, make known, and announce. All of these words convey the same idea of something being brought to the forefront or being made clear to others. Whether it's a gesture, an announcement, or a physical action, signalize communicates a clear message. Using synonyms for signalize can also help create variation and interest in writing, helping readers to stay engaged and interested in the message being conveyed.

Synonyms for Signalize:

How to use "Signalize" in context?

Signalize: verb

1. To make (something) visible as a sign or signal.

2. To make (something) practical or effective.

In order to signalize a turn, drivers will often use indicators or hand signals. By using these signals, drivers can communicate their intention to turn safely and effectively to other drivers.

When using hand signals, it is important to follow certain conventions. For example, drivers should use the same hand signal for each turn, and they should signal in the same direction for each turn.

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