What is another word for typecast?

Pronunciation: [tˈa͡ɪpkast] (IPA)

Typecast is an English word used to refer to an actor who is repeatedly cast in the same kind of roles. If you're seeking synonyms for this term, there are plenty of options. One synonym is pigeonholed, which expresses the same sense as typecast, both meaning to be restricted to a specific role. Another synonym is stereotyped, conveying the same idea of being limited to a specific type of part. Other potential synonyms for typecast include categorize, label, and tag. All of these words suggest a restriction of some sort, with an implication that the actor is being defined by their previous roles. Overall, there are plenty of ways to express the concept of being typecast, depending on the nuances and connotations you prefer.

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What are the hypernyms for Typecast?

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What are the opposite words for typecast?

Typecast is a word that refers to being pigeonholed or defined by a particular role. Its antonyms, on the other hand, are words that signify freedom, versatility, and exploring new pathways. These antonyms include words such as flexible, open, diverse, adaptable, and versatile. Flexible means being able to adjust to different situations and circumstances easily. Being open means being receptive to learning and embracing new opportunities. Diverse means having a variety of experiences and skills. Adaptable means being able to change and adjust to new circumstances. And finally, versatile means being capable of doing many things proficiently. These antonyms oppose the limiting nature of being typecast and instead encourage an open, dynamic approach to life.

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Usage examples for Typecast

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Famous quotes with Typecast

  • You are still lucky - you have a certain type of people who keep buying your music - but then you can get typecast and have to keep making that same music, and you can change only slightly. It's risky to bounce around and change your type of music.
    Randy Bachman
  • If you turn down work because you are frightened of getting typecast, you'll never do anything good.
    Colin Baker
  • It's about pursuing it rather than waiting to see what comes along. That's partly because I found myself getting typecast, as everyone does unless they pursue roles that are very different from what they've done before.
    Christian Bale
  • When I was first starting out, and I was less established, I was really concerned about being typecast.
    Charisma Carpenter
  • I don't ever want to be doing the same sort of thing, I never want to be typecast, because I have way too much to give to be sort of, to always be the hot chick in the movie.
    Elisha Cuthbert

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