What is another word for change course?

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When it comes to altering direction or altering one's path, the phrase "change course" is often used. This term can refer to adjustments in a person's life, career, or any other endeavors. If you're looking for synonyms that can be used interchangeably with this phrase, you may want to try using the words "shift" or "pivot" as a replacement. "Alter direction" or "change tack" can also be used to indicate a move away from the original plan. Other alternatives include "diverge," "veer off," "sway," or "deviate" which all imply a turning point within a particular situation.

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How to use "Change course" in context?

When a person finds themselves struggling to move forward, they may find it hard to「change course」. This is especially true when a person relies on familiar paths and action to move them forward. However, when faced with difficulty or a choice that does not seem right, it is important to take a step back and reassess what is needed to achieve the goals. The following are tips for changing course:

1. Identify the barriers that are preventing the person from changing course. Once the barriers are identified, a plan for breaking through them can be put in place.

2. Realize that change does not happen overnight.

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