What is another word for cloak-and-dagger?

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[ klˈə͡ʊkanddˈaɡə], [ klˈə‍ʊkanddˈaɡə], [ k_l_ˈəʊ_k_a_n_d_d_ˈa_ɡ_ə]

Cloak-and-dagger is a phrase used to describe anything that is secretive, mysterious, or covert. It is often used to describe actions or situations that involve intrigue or espionage. There are many synonyms for this phrase including clandestine, covert, undercover, surreptitious, secret, enigmatic, mysterious, and shadowy. Other synonyms might include furtive, stealthy, and sly. These words all convey the same idea of something hidden or concealed. They are often used in situations where a person or organization is attempting to conceal their activities from others. Whether in literature or everyday conversation, there are many different ways to express the idea of cloak-and-dagger and its synonyms are some of the most versatile.

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    In the world of espionage, cloak and dagger is often the name of the game. Agents use whatever weapons they can to gather information and carry out their missions, whether it be using disguises to blend in or using encryption to keep their communications secret. cloak and dagger can take many forms, from traditional clothes to complete secret societies.

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