What is another word for decomposing?

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Decomposing refers to the process of breaking down organic matter into simpler substances. Synonyms for decomposing include decaying, rotting, putrefying, spoiling, fermenting, deteriorating, corroding, disintegrating, crumbling, and breaking down. All of these words indicate a gradual breakdown and decay of organic materials, whether it be a plant, animal or other matter. The decomposition process helps to recycle nutrients and return them back into the soil for future plant growth. While decomposition is vital for the natural cycle of life, it can also be unpleasant due to the unpleasant odors it produces. Regardless, it is a necessary process for the balance of the ecosystem.

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How to use "Decomposing" in context?

"decomposing" is a term used to describe the natural process by which organic materials are broken down by bacteria and other organisms. This process begins with the breaking down of large molecules into smaller ones, which then can be further broken down into even smaller units. This process is crucial to the growth of plants and other organisms, as it allows them to access essential nutrients and energy.

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