What is another word for airborne?

Pronunciation: [ˈe͡əbɔːn] (IPA)

Airborne is a term commonly used to describe something or someone that is in the air. However, there are plenty of other words that can be used to describe this same concept. For example, words like flying, soaring, levitating, hovering, or gliding, all convey the idea of being in the air. Other synonyms for airborne include aeronautical, aerial, and atmospheric. Each of these words adds a slightly different nuance to the meaning of the phrase, but the essential idea remains the same. Whether describing a bird in flight, an airplane soaring above the clouds, or even a balloon floating gently in the breeze, there are plenty of words to choose from to describe something that is airborne.

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What are the hypernyms for Airborne?

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What are the opposite words for airborne?

Airborne refers to objects or organisms that are suspended in or carried through the air. The antonyms for airborne are stationary, grounded, earthbound, or landlocked. These words depict objects, animals or other living beings that are fixed to the ground or do not have the ability to fly or levitate. Stationary means to be immobile or fixed in one place. Grounded refers to an object or person that is not allowed to fly. Earthbound implies something or someone bound to the earth. Landlocked suggests a location or object that is surrounded by land and unable to move freely. Overall, these terms provide the opposite meaning of airborne.

What are the antonyms for Airborne?

Usage examples for Airborne

By that time well over three-quarters of the Air Force on the Pacific Coast was airborne and more planes shot skyward instant after instant.
"Operation Terror"
William Fitzgerald Jenkins
"I'll have you and the Lady Dallona airborne and off for Ghamma as soon as you wish," he promised.
"Last Enemy"
Henry Beam Piper
The Yank airborne troops had swarmed onto the airfield.
"A Yankee Flier in Italy"
Rutherford G. Montgomery

Famous quotes with Airborne

  • Experience is never limited, and it is never complete it is an immense sensibility, a kind of huge spider web of the finest silken threads suspended in the chamber of consciousness, and catching every airborne particle in its tissue.
    Henry James
  • My wife [...] recently put me on a diet after suggesting (a little unkindly, if you ask me), that I was beginning to look like something Richard Branson would try to get airborne.
    Bill Bryson
  • To detach yourself elegantly from the world; to give contour and grace to sadness; a solitude in style; a walk that gives cadence to memories; stepping towards the intangible; with the breath in the trembling margins of things; the past reborn in the overflow of fragrances; the smell, through which we conquer time; the contour of the invisible things; the forms of the immaterial; to deepen yourself in the intangible; to touch the world airborne by smell; aerial dialogue and gliding dissolution; to bathe in your own reflecting fragmentation…
    Emil Cioran
  • First off, the whole point of airborne troops is surprise: you don't know they're coming until they're there. But because Cain arrived 24 hours after the first wave, the surprise was gone. And to make matters worse, the landing zone was some eight miles from the bridge. So, thanks to some incompetent planning by the top brass in England, the Germans knew that Cain and his men were coming, they knew where he landed, they knew where he was going, and they had the wherewithal to do something about it.
    Jeremy Clarkson

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