What is another word for coolheaded?

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Coolheaded is a word used to describe someone who is calm and collected in difficult or stressful situations. Some synonyms for coolheaded include composed, collected, unperturbed, level-headed, and unflappable. These words all describe someone who can keep a clear head and make rational decisions when faced with challenges. Other synonyms include serene, peaceful, tranquil, and untroubled. These words emphasize the idea of remaining calm and relaxed in any situation. Being coolheaded is a valuable trait in many professions and situations, as it allows individuals to think clearly and make sound decisions in high-pressure environments.

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What are the hypernyms for Coolheaded?

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What are the opposite words for coolheaded?

Antonyms for the word "coolheaded" include "impassioned," "emotional," "hot-blooded," "impatient," "rash," and "impulsive." A coolheaded person is typically calm, collected, and composed, while an impassioned or emotional person is easily moved by passions, feelings, or sentiments. Hot-blooded individuals are more responsive to their emotions, prone to outbursts and impulsiveness. Impatient people are restless and eager, unable to wait or tolerate delays. A rash and impulsive person can be act recklessly without concern for consequences. Antonyms like these pose a contrast to the qualities of a coolheaded person, highlighting the importance of maintaining composure and rationality, particularly in challenging situations.

Usage examples for Coolheaded

There had been none among them coolheaded enough to reason out which trail he had likely taken, and thus look for him by the ford.
"O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921"
But Mantell was known for coolheaded judgment.
"The Flying Saucers are Real"
Donald Keyhoe
When I met George Gorman, I found him to be intelligent, coolheaded, and very firmly convinced of every detail in his story.
"The Flying Saucers are Real"
Donald Keyhoe

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