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Pummel is a strong verb that means to repeatedly hit or beat someone or something with great force. If you are looking for synonyms for this word, there are many options available. Some of the most common synonyms for pummel include thrash, pound, beat, strike, wallop, smack, and hammer. Other potential synonyms include bludgeon, assault, assail, batter, clobber, club, maul, and whip. When looking for synonyms for pummel, it is important to consider the context in which the word is being used. This will help you choose the right synonym for the situation and achieve the desired effect.

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What are the opposite words for pummel?

Pummel refers to the act of beating, thrashing, or physically assaulting someone or something. The antonyms for pummel are words that indicate the opposite meaning. Synonyms such as praise, commend, extol and exalt are some antonyms for pummel because they indicate positive emotion towards someone or something rather than violence. Another antonym for pummel can be "caress," which means to touch or stroke gently, indicating a gentle and affectionate approach. "Soothe" is another antonym for pummel, which means to calm or pacify, indicating a sense of peace and care. Additionally, "coddle" can also be considered an antonym, as it suggests pampering and nurturing rather than attacking or hurting.

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Usage examples for Pummel

pummel thy pumkin, and a tell me that, Peter Grievous.
"Anna St. Ives"
Thomas Holcroft
She would sometimes have a chicken in a basket hung on the off pummel of her old saddle, because at times she fancied she could not eat anything but chicken soup, and she did "not wish to give trouble."
"The Burial of the Guns"
Thomas Nelson Page
"I don't see how any one can help being crazy over her," continued Thomas, thumping his pillow as if he would like to pummel any one who disagreed with him.
"The Old Gray Homestead"
Frances Parkinson Keyes

Famous quotes with Pummel

  • I propose that it shall be no longer for a citizen to pummel, cowhide, kick, gouge, cut, wound, bruise, maim, burn, club, bastinado, flay, or even lynch a [government] jobholder, and that it shall be only to the extent that the punishment exceeds the jobholder’s deserts. The amount of this excess, if any, may be determined very conveniently by a petit jury, as other questions of guilt are now determined. The flogged judge, or Congressman, or other jobholder, on being discharged from hospital — or his chief heir, in case he has perished — goes before a grand jury and makes a complaint, and, if a true bill is found, a petit jury is empaneled and all the evidence is put before it. If it decides that the jobholder deserves the punishment inflicted upon him, the citizen who inflicted it is acquitted with honor. If, on the contrary, it decides that this punishment was excessive, then the citizen is adjudged guilty of assault, mayhem, murder, or whatever it is, in a degree apportioned to the difference between what the jobholder deserved and what he got, and punishment for that excess follows in the usual course.
    H. L. Mencken

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