What is another word for thresh?

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Thresh is a verb that means to separate grain from husks by beating, rubbing, or stomping. Synonyms for thresh include flail, beat, thrash, pound, and trample. Flailing is a process of separating something by striking it repeatedly with a flail, which is a tool with a handle and a freely swinging stick, while beating involves striking continuously with a heavy instrument. Thrashing and pounding involve hitting something aggressively, while trampling involves treading on something to crush or flatten it. Other synonyms for thresh include winnow, husk, sift, and separate. These words are commonly used in agriculture and food processing to describe the physical processes of separating desirable parts from undesired ones.

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How to use "Thresh" in context?

The word "thresh" comes from the Old English word "thresor," meaning "a receptacle for rakes, straw, or other materials with which grain is trodden out," or "a measure for tilting." In Middle English and Early Modern English, the word also referred to a measure for wheat or other grains. In later incarnations, the word came to be used to describe the sound of a rake scratching against the ground, or the beating of grain against a threshing floor.

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