What is another word for push back?

Pronunciation: [pˈʊʃ bˈak] (IPA)

Push back is a commonly used phrasal verb that can mean to resist, oppose, or refuse to accept something. It is often used in conversations or written communication to express disagreement or dissent. However, there are several other synonyms for push back that can be used in different contexts and situations. These include resist, object, challenge, refute, rebut, and contradict. While push back is an impactful phrase, using alternative synonyms can also add variety and depth to one's language skills and expression. It's important to choose the right synonym based on the context of the sentence and the intended meaning.

Synonyms for Push back:

What are the hypernyms for Push back?

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What are the hyponyms for Push back?

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What are the opposite words for push back?

Push back is generally regarded as an idiom that has a positive connotation that denotes the activity of resisting or pushing against something negative. However, the word also has antonyms that define actions that are contrary to pushing back. Some of the antonyms for push back include comply, conform, obey, surrender, give in, and submit. These words connote a negative meaning, which implies that one is giving up or acquiescing to pressure or authority. Thus, while push back is a positive action that asserts one's rights and freedoms, its antonyms describe less assertive or empowered actions that imply subservience or compliance.

What are the antonyms for Push back?

Famous quotes with Push back

  • Too often, the opportunity knocks, but by the time you push back the chain, push back the bolt, unhook the two locks and shut off the burglar alarm, it's too late.
    Rita Coolidge
  • If I am pushed I will push back, that is the way I am. I am very British. We don't like to be pushed around. When the chips are down we might have to step into grey areas.
    Damon Hill
  • For an African writing in English is not without its serious setbacks. He often finds himself describing situations or modes of thought which have no direct equivalent in the English way of life. Caught in that situation he can do one of two things. He can try and contain what he wants to say within the limits of conventional English or he can try to push back those limits to accommodate his ideas … I submit that those who can do the work of extending the frontiers of English so as to accommodate African thought-patterns must do it through their mastery of English and not out of innocence.
    Chinua Achebe
  • He picked out this sentence in a casual of mine: "After dinner, the men moved into the living room," and he wanted to know why I, or the editors, had put in the comma. I could explain that one all night. I wrote back that this particular comma was Ross's way of giving the men time to push back their chairs and stand up.
    James Thurber

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