What is another word for invert?

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Invert is a common term used to refer to the reversal of something. However, there are numerous synonyms that can be used to describe this action. Some of the commonly used synonyms for invert are reverse, flip, transpose, switch, overturn, turn upside down, upend, and turn around. The word invert can be used in various contexts, such as when discussing mathematical equations, scientific experiments, or even flipping a pancake. Using synonyms for invert can help create a more varied and engaging vocabulary, making written or spoken communication more interesting and dynamic.

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    Invert is a word that refers to the act of turning something upside down or reversing its position. Its antonyms, therefore, are words that describe the opposite of inverting. These include words like upright, erect, right side up, normal, and straighten. Upright means in a vertical or straight position, while erect refers to something that is standing or upended. Right side up is a term that describes the proper or intended orientation of an object, while normal means the usual, typical or expected state of being. Straighten refers to the act of making something straight or uncurling it, which is the opposite of inverting.

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    Fill three or more receivers-wide-mouthed bottles-with water, cover the mouth of each with a glass plate, invert it with its mouth under water, and put it on the shelf of the trough, removing the plate.
    "An Introduction to Chemical Science"
    R.P. Williams
    invert the second sized tin over the cake and cover the dish with bright live coals, that bottom and top may bake evenly and give it from thirty-five to forty minutes for baking.
    George W. Sears
    The whole thing turns on the obvious proposition, that if you invert the cause you also invert the effect.
    "The Law and the Word"
    Thomas Troward

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