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[ ˈɐn], [ ˈɐn], [ ˈɐ_n]

An is an indefinite article that is used before a noun that begins with a vowel sound. It is a common word that is often used in English language. There are several synonyms for the word an, including some, any, each, every, one, another, singular, and lone. Some of these synonyms are often used in specific contexts. For instance, some is often used to describe an indefinite quantity. Any is commonly used to describe something that is not specific. Each and every are used to describe every individual in a group. One, singular, and lone are used to describe someone or something that is the only one in a group. Using synonyms for an can help to make sentences clearer and more varied.

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How to use "An" in context?

An is a vowel sound in English. It is the normal vowel sound in "man", "request", "pam", "can", "jean", etc.

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