What is another word for contestation?

Pronunciation: [kɒntɪstˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Contestation is a word that describes a state of disagreement or dispute between parties. It is often used in legal settings to describe a legal challenge or appeal. Synonyms for contestation include disagreement, discord, dissension, strife, confrontation, and controversy. These words all share a sense of conflict or opposition, but they may have different connotations or nuances depending on the context. For example, "strife" may suggest a more intense and long-lasting conflict than "disagreement," while "confrontation" may imply a more direct and overt challenge to an opposing view. Overall, these synonyms convey the idea of a contentious or disputed situation where parties are at odds with each other.

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What are the opposite words for contestation?

Contestation refers to a competition or dispute, but there are several antonyms that convey a sense of agreement or harmony. These include words like concord, harmony, accord, unity, agreement, and consensus. Concord and harmony are used to indicate a peaceful relationship between two or more parties, while accord implies an agreement or understanding reached between opposing groups. Unity refers to a state of being together or one, while agreement and consensus denote a general feeling of harmony and acceptance of ideas. These antonyms provide an alternative perspective to contestation, emphasizing cooperation and collaboration rather than conflict and rivalry.

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Usage examples for Contestation

This transference of the electorate, it should be mentioned, the Emperor Charles afterwards confirmed by letters patent in 1350, notwithstanding the contestation of Voldemar and his partisans.
"Claimants to Royalty"
John H. Ingram
I have become firm friends with some of these proprietors by the simple expedient of striking a few francs off their bills; and should I ever wish to marry one or their daughters, the surest way to predispose the whole family in my favour would be this method of amiable but unsmiling contestation.
"Old Calabria"
Norman Douglas
Number three was, however, usually inserted in order that, by conceding it subsequently, after much contestation, he might appear conciliatory.
"Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete"
John Lothrop Motley

Famous quotes with Contestation

  • La vie moderne est pleine de défis, tels que les exigences quotidiennes, les délais, les tracas et frustrations. Chaque fois que la menace de contestation emporte sur la perception qu'on a de son / sa capacité à gérer cette menace, il peut être un début de stress. Je trouve intéressant que William Shakespeare avait offert une stratégie parfaite pour gérer le stress - dans sa célèbre pièce "Hamlet". Dans ce jeu, Hamlet fait une déclaration puissante: "il n'y a rien soit bon ou mauvais, mais la pensée qui le rend si." Dans cette phrase, Shakespear nous enseigne que si nous changeons nos pensées sur une situation potentiellement dangereuse, nous devrions être en mesure de faire face non seulement avec le stress, mais aussi de réduire notre stress de façon significative. Maintenant c'est un fait bien établi en psychologie que la pensée positive, et transformer la menace en une opportunité potntial, nous permet de nous protéger contre les effets secondaires néfastes du stress ..... et William Shakespeare savait ce fait plus de 400 il ya des années. C'est incroyable!
    Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate
  • The difficulty—that contestation must be done in the name of an authority—is resolved this: I contest in the name of contestation what experience itself is.
    Georges Bataille
  • We reach ecstasy by a contestation of knowledge. Were I to stop at ecstasy and grasp it, in the end I would define it.
    Georges Bataille

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