What is another word for baulk?

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Baulk is a word that usually describes an action of hesitating or backing off from something. There are many different synonyms for baulk that can be used interchangeably depending on the exact context. Some common synonyms for baulk include hesitate, falter, flinch, recoil, shirk, hesitate, and balk. These words all describe a similar feeling of hesitation or reluctance towards a particular action or situation. Depending on the exact context, some synonyms may be more appropriate than others, but in general, they all convey a similar sense of reservation or unwillingness to proceed with a given task or action.

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    Baulk is a verb, meaning to obstruct or block the progress of someone or something. It can apply to physical objects, such as a player's ball on the ground or an opponent who stands in the player's way; or it can refer to an obstacle encountered in a course of action. In both senses, baulking can depriving someone or something of an opportunity or chance.

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