What is another word for embitter?

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[ ɛmbˈɪtə], [ ɛmbˈɪtə], [ ɛ_m_b_ˈɪ_t_ə]

Related words: bitterness, vexation, frustration, discontent, anger, annoyance, annoyance

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    How to use "Embitter" in context?

    When we embitter something, we make it more unpleasant. This is done by provoking or upsetting the person or thing we are embittering. The process can be as simple as mentioning something bad that has happened to someone or making a negative comment. We can also embitter something by creating an unpleasant environment. This can be done by making unfair demands, being noisy or disruptive, or being disrespectful. Although embittering someone or something can make it more unpleasant, it often has the opposite effect. People or things become more resistant to our negative emotions, and we may even become spiteful.

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