What is another word for contacted?

Pronunciation: [kˈɒntaktɪd] (IPA)

The word "contacted" is a common term that refers to initiating communication with someone. However, there are various other synonyms that can be used in place of it, depending on the context. Some of the popular alternatives include "reached out," "touched base," "connected with," "engaged," and "got in touch with." Other possible synonyms for "contacted" may include "approached," "inquired," "communicated with," "corresponded," and "interacted." The selection of a suitable word depends largely on the desired tone and purpose of the communication, ranging from casual to formal. Therefore, having a good knowledge of synonyms helps in communicating more effectively and efficiently.

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Usage examples for Contacted

The rules called for any continuous reading over 75 to be contacted and connected after its sixth appearance.
"The Circuit Riders"
R. C. FitzPatrick
Have you contacted them?
"Border, Breed Nor Birth"
Dallas McCord Reynolds
The scientists had departed at dawn in the Water Witch, after extracting a promise from Rick and Scotty that they would not stir from the hotel until Steve Ames contacted them, and that they would then fly at once to Clipper Cay.
"The Wailing Octopus"
Harold Leland Goodwin

Famous quotes with Contacted

  • The first person who contacted us was the assistant to President Eisenhower... in the White House.
    Betty Hill
  • The first time I heard of suicidegirls was when a model from there contacted me to see if I wanted to do a shoot. I can't remember what happened with that but we didn't end up doing it.
    Richard Kern
  • Then I contacted Ken, then he called me back, then we had a great meeting. Then he called and asked if I would come back to the show. Which was awesome.
    Austin Peck
  • It sounded good. It was a story that Victor Conte told me to use. I was contacted by Dr. Goldman, and that's how the story came about. And that was my first time ever meeting, or speaking, to Dr. Goldman.
    Kelli White
  • Of all the ridiculous expressions people use--and people use a great many ridiculous expressions--one of the most ridiculous is "No news is good news." "No news is good news" simply means that if you don't hear from someone, everything is probably fine, and you can see at once why this expression makes such little sense, because everything being fine is only one of many, many reasons why someone may not contact you. Perhaps they are tied up. Maybe they are surrounded by fierce weasels, or perhaps they are wedged tightly between two refrigerators and cannot get themselves out. The expression might as well be changed to "no news is bad news," except that people may not be able to contact you because they have just been crowned king or are competing in a gymnastics tournament. The point is that there is no way to know why someone has not contacted you, until they contact you and explain themselves. For this reason, the sensible expression would be "no news is no news," except that it is so obvious that it is hardly an expression at all.
    Daniel Handler

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