What is another word for cryptography?

Pronunciation: [kɹɪptˈɒɡɹəfi] (IPA)

Cryptography is the technique that involves securing and encrypting communication, allowing only authorized individuals to access the intended information. There are several synonyms for cryptography, such as cryptology, ciphering, encoding, and secret writing. Cryptology refers to the entire science of encryption and decryption. Ciphering is the act of encoding messages, sometimes using secret codes. Encoding refers to converting plain text into a secret code unreadable by unauthorized access. Secret writing is the practice of writing messages meant for confidential communication. In summary, all these synonyms imply the process of protecting information through encoding. Understanding these terms is crucial in enhancing communication privacy and security.

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Usage examples for Cryptography

Such measures include all provisions for secrecy, such as censorship, counter-espionage, cryptography, control of own communications, security of documents, camouflage, and applicable tactical operations.
"Sound Military Decision"
U.s. Naval War College
If Poe's purpose was to make a story of cryptography, think of some of the innumerable plots he might have used, and see what you think of the effectiveness of the one chosen.
"Selections From Poe"
J. Montgomery Gambrill
150. 30. Read Poe's article on "cryptography," included in his collected works.
"Selections From Poe"
J. Montgomery Gambrill

Famous quotes with Cryptography

  • I thought cryptography was a technique that did not require your trusting other people-that if you encrypted your files, you would have the control to make the choice as to whether you would surrender your files.
    Whitfield Diffie
  • I understood the importance in principle of public key cryptography but it's all moved much faster than I expected. I did not expect it to be a mainstay of advanced communications technology.
    Whitfield Diffie
  • Lots of people working in cryptography have no deep concern with real application issues. They are trying to discover things clever enough to write papers about.
    Whitfield Diffie
  • I chose to deal with the science of cryptography. cryptography began in mathematics. Codes were developed, even from Caesar's time, based on number theory and mathematical principles. I decided to use those principles and designed a work that is encoded.
    James Sanborn
  • What affected me most profoundly was the realization that the sciences of cryptography and mathematics are very elegant, pure sciences. I found that the ends for which these pure sciences are used are less elegant.
    James Sanborn

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