What is another word for eye-opener?

Pronunciation: [ˈa͡ɪˈə͡ʊpənə] (IPA)

An eye-opener can mean a revealing experience or piece of information that opens one's eyes to a new perspective. Synonyms for this phrase include a wake-up call, a revelation, an enlightenment, a discovery, or a realization. Another phrase that conveys a similar meaning is a "game-changer," which implies that the information or experience alters the way one approaches a situation or problem. An "awakening" can also describe a sudden realization or understanding of something previously unknown or ignored. Using these synonyms can add variety and depth to writing or conversation when discussing an impactful experience or piece of information.

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Famous quotes with Eye-opener

  • But I knew that what had happened was an eye-opener not only to the United States but also to Pakistan, who realized that after what has happened on the 11th of September, it was simply impossible to continue to play those games in Afghanistan.
    Lakhdar Brahimi
  • His interpretations of the and other scriptures testify to the depth of Sri Yukteswarji's command of the philosophy, both Eastern and Western, and remain as an eye-opener for the unity between Orient and Occident. As he believed in the unity of all religious faiths, Sri Yukteswar Maharaj established (Society of Saints) with the cooperation of leaders of various sects and faiths, for the inculcation of a scientific spirit in religion. (Chapter 42 - "Last Days With My Guru")
    Paramahansa Yogananda

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