What is another word for anfractuous?

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[ ˈanfɹɐkt͡ʃˌuːəs], [ ˈanfɹɐkt‍ʃˌuːəs], [ ˈa_n_f_ɹ_ɐ_k_tʃ_ˌuː_ə_s]

Anfractuous is an adjective that refers to something that is full of twists, turns and meanders. It is often used to describe geographical features such as a winding road, a labyrinthine cave or a tortuous river. However, there are many other words that can be used to convey this meaning. Synonyms for anfractuous include sinuous, serpentine, convoluted, intricate, twisted, winding, labyrinthine, meandering, tortuous, and curvy. These adjectives all describe something that has a winding and twisting path. So, if you want to express the idea of a complex and winding structure, you can choose any of these synonyms to convey your meaning.

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    What are the opposite words for anfractuous?

    Anfractuous is a word that means winding or twisting. The antonyms of anfractuous are straight, direct, unambiguous, and simple. These words describe a clear and uncomplicated path, without any twists or turns. Straight means going in an unbroken line, while direct refers to a clear and straightforward path. Unambiguous indicates a lack of ambiguity, where there is only one clear path to follow. Simple implies an uncomplicated path that is easy to follow. These antonyms can be used to describe both physical and metaphorical paths, such as a road or a decision-making process.

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