What is another word for reprehensible?

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Reprehensible is a word that describes something or someone who is deserving of strong criticism or condemnation. Some synonyms for reprehensible include deplorable, shameful, disgraceful, objectionable, and blameworthy. Other similar words to describe reprehensible actions or behaviors could be contemptible, despicable, abhorrent, detestable, and offensive. These words all convey the idea of something being morally or ethically wrong. Using these synonyms can help to add variety to writing and speaking, and allow the speaker or writer to convey a more precise meaning. It is important to choose the appropriate synonym based on the context and degree of severity of the act being described.

Related words: bad, atrocious, noxious, deplorable, mean, wicked, evil

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    When we use the word "reprehensible," we generally refer to something that we find objectionable, morally wrong, and deserving of censure. When applied to behavior or actions, reprehensible usually connotes a magnitude of wrongfulness that is extreme or beyond what is warranted. In other words, something that is reprehensible is really bad.

    It is often difficult to come up with an appropriate term to describe something that is so bad that it merits criticism, condemnation, or ridicule. One of the most common words used to refer to something that is morally wrong, despicable, and beyond the pale is "incomprehensible.

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