What is another word for un-kemptest?

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[ ˈʌnkˈɛmptəst], [ ˈʌnkˈɛmptəst], [ ˈʌ_n_k_ˈɛ_m_p_t_ə_s_t]

"Un-kemptest" is a unique and rarely used word, which means the most untidy or messy. There are numerous synonyms for "un-kemptest", such as disheveled, grubby, scruffy, shabby, unkempt, dingy, squalid, and slovenly. Each of these synonyms captures the essence of being unclean, untidy, or lacking in orderliness. "Disheveled" typically refers to messy hair or clothing, while "grubby" implies dirtiness. "Scruffy" emphasizes roughness and carelessness, which "shabby" denotes being worn out. "Unkempt" implies being disheveled, "dingy" denotes a lack of cleanliness, and "squalid" emphasizes neglectful environments. Finally, "slovenly" means being sloppy or lazy in personal appearance or habits.

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    With all the different ways people like to express themselves, one might think that there is no "correct" way to be unkempt. But in fact, there is one specific way to be unkempt and, as it turns out, it is the most unkempt of all. As defined by the Webster's Dictionary, unkemptness is "a state of dirty, shabby, and awkwardly carefree appearance." This is the look that is achieved by taking great care not to brush your hair, shave, or groom yourself in any way.

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