What is another word for chalice?

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Chalice is a word that refers to a cup or goblet, typically one that is used in religious rituals. Synonyms for chalice are numerous and can include various terms that are related to cups or containers for liquids. For example, the word "goblet" is a synonym for chalice and also has a similar meaning. Another synonym is "chalicer" which is a term that refers to a person who is responsible for the chalices used in church services. Other synonyms for chalice can include "cup," "mug," "chaser," and "vessel." These synonyms can help add depth and variety to writing and conversations concerning religious and ceremonial practices.

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    A chalice is a ceremonial cup or vessel used in religious ceremonies by followers of Christianity and Islam. The capacity of a chalice is often specified as a particular number of ounces (drinks), tablespoons (teaspoons), or other units. Chalices are usually made of silver or other metal, and the cups are usually decorated with precious stones or jewels.

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