What is another word for debunk?

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[ diːbˈʌnk], [ diːbˈʌnk], [ d_iː_b_ˈʌ_n_k]

Synonyms for Debunk:

How to use "Debunk" in context?

The word "debunk" has lost some of its meaning over time. Originally, it meant to disprove or invalidate a theory or claim. But in recent years, "debunk" has come to mean simply to disprove a claim. This is unfortunate, because the word "debunk" is sometimes used carelessly, to mean nothing more than "disprove." When used in this way, it can be inaccurate and counterproductive. Here are five examples of how "debunk" can be used incorrectly:

1. "Debunking" the myth that vaccines are unsafe is not the same as proving them safe.

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