What is another word for poker-faced?

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There are several words that can be used as synonyms for the term "poker-faced." For example, "stoic" refers to someone who remains calm and unemotional, even in difficult situations. "Impassive" is another synonym for poker-faced, which means showing no sign of emotion or feeling. "Expressionless" is another possible synonym, indicating a lack of facial expression or tone of voice that gives away one's thoughts or feelings. Other synonyms for poker-faced include "blank," "deadpan," and "neutral," which all refer to a lack of emotion or expression. These synonyms can be useful to communicate the idea of someone who is difficult to read or impossible to predict.

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    How to use "Poker-faced" in context?

    A poker-faced person is usually someone who is not very happy or excited about something. They usually have a serious expression on their face, and they may not even say anything.

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