What is another word for single-mindedness?

Pronunciation: [sˈɪŋɡə͡lmˈa͡ɪndɪdnəs] (IPA)

Single-mindedness is a trait that is admired by many, as it indicates a focus and dedication that can be hard to come by. Some synonyms for this concept include determination, steadfastness, resoluteness, and devotion. These terms all imply a commitment to a specific goal or objective, and a willingness to persevere despite obstacles or setbacks. Other synonyms for single-mindedness include concentration, unwavering, and resolve. These words convey a sense of intensity and purpose, as well as a degree of discipline and self-control. Ultimately, single-mindedness is a valuable trait in many areas of life, and these synonyms all highlight its importance and relevance.

Synonyms for Single-mindedness:

What are the hypernyms for Single-mindedness?

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What are the hyponyms for Single-mindedness?

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What are the opposite words for single-mindedness?

The term single-mindedness refers to the quality of having a strong determination towards achieving a particular goal. The antonyms or opposite words of single-mindedness could be distractedness, indecisiveness, inattention, neglectfulness or thoughtlessness. Distractedness implies being easily distracted or losing focus easily which results in lack of progress holistically. Indecisiveness is a state of being unsure or without the ability to make decisions quickly, causing delays, and ultimately leading to a lack of purpose or direction. Inattention refers to the inability to concentrate which leads to failure in accomplishing goals. Neglectfulness is also an opposite of single-mindedness and refers to the neglect or disregard towards doing what is necessary, while thoughtlessness represents the lack of consideration or deliberation towards a goal.

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