What is another word for de-ice?

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De-ice is a term that is commonly used in aviation and transportation industry. It is the process of removing ice or snow from a surface, such as an airplane, train, or road to make it safe for travel. However, there are other words that can be used in place of de-ice, such as thaw, melt, dissolve, and defrost. Thawing is the process of melting ice or snow due to an increase in temperature. Melting is the process of changing a solid to a liquid due to heat. Dissolve is the process of mixing a solid with a liquid to form a solution. Defrost is the process of removing ice or frost from a frozen object. These synonyms can be used interchangeably, depending on the context and situation.

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    How to use "De-ice" in context?

    De-icing is a process used to remove ice and snow from roads and walkways. If a storm does not clear out in time, the roads can become slick and dangerous. In order to avoid these conditions, crews will use a variety of methods to de-ice the roads.

    The most common method is using a bulldozer to clear the snow. This removes the ice and creates a smoother surface. Other methods used include blowing snow and water. Blowing snow uses cold air to create a snow FLURRY. This snowfall can createphysical barriers that prevent the ice and snow from sticking to the ground.

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