What is another word for jostle?

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Jostle means to push or elbow someone in a crowd, but it has some synonyms that can be used interchangeably. The word "shove" is similar in meaning as it also means to push. "Bump" is another suitable word for jostle, and it implies an accidental collision. On the other hand, "jolt" indicates a sudden shock, and "jar" refers to a rough, sudden movement that can be compared to jostling. "Brush against" conveys a softer kind of contact, while "shoulder" carries the sense of a forceful and competitive push. These synonyms for jostle are useful when you need to add variety to your writing or speech.

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Synonyms for Jostle:

How to use "Jostle" in context?

1. Jostling is an important survival skill that helps us move through crowds.

2. It is important to jostle gently and avoid being pushy.

3. Jostling can help us move past obstacles.

4. Jostling can also be an opportunity to make new friends.

5. Jostling can help us feel stronger and more capable.

6. Jostling can help us become more engaged with the world around us.

7. Jostling can help us learn more about the people around us.

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