What is another word for badass?

Pronunciation: [bˈadas] (IPA)

The world is full of people with unique and dynamic personalities, and sometimes it's hard to capture the true essence of someone in just one word. If you're looking for a synonym for "badass," there are a ton of options out there. Depending on the context, you could describe someone as a rebel, a renegade, a maverick, or a trailblazer. Other options could be rule-breaker, wild card, or risk-taker. For a more mysterious vibe, you could refer to someone as a noir protagonist or a dark horse. Ultimately, the key is to capture the essence of the person you're describing and choose a word that resonates with their unique and awesome personality.

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Usage examples for Badass

He pointed his pistol at Cade and said, Okay, badass.
"An Encounter in Atlanta"
Ed Howdershelt

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