What is another word for close-mouthed?

Pronunciation: [klˈə͡ʊsmˈa͡ʊðd] (IPA)

Close-mouthed is an adjective that describes someone who is secretive or not willing to share information. Synonyms for close-mouthed include tight-lipped, uncommunicative, reserved, guarded, reticent, silent, unforthcoming, and taciturn. These words all convey a sense of someone who is closed off or guarded in their communication. When trying to describe a person who is particularly close-mouthed, it might be helpful to combine some of these synonyms to create a more precise description. For example, you could describe someone as "tightly reserved" or "guardedly reticent." These phrases give a richer sense of someone who is not just quiet, but actively unwilling to share their thoughts or feelings.

Synonyms for Close-mouthed:

What are the hypernyms for Close-mouthed?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for close-mouthed?

The term "close-mouthed" refers to someone who is reserved and uncommunicative. Antonyms for "close-mouthed" are words that describe people who are talkative and open. These include loquacious, voluble, gregarious, extroverted, and outgoing. A loquacious person is someone who talks at great length, while a voluble person speaks fluently and easily. A gregarious person is someone who enjoys being in the company of others and is sociable, while an extroverted person is outgoing and enjoys interacting with people. It is important to recognize that while close-mouthed individuals may be perceived as cold or distant, they may simply be introverted and prefer to communicate in a more measured way.

What are the antonyms for Close-mouthed?

Famous quotes with Close-mouthed

  • "We begin well, sir," the fat man purred … "I distrust a man that says when. If he's got to be careful not to drink too much it's because he's not to be trusted when he does. … Well, sir, here's to plain speaking and clear understanding. … You're a close-mouthed man?" Spade shook his head. "I like to talk." "Better and better!" the fat man exclaimed. "I distrust a close-mouthed man. He generally picks the wrong time to talk and says the wrong things. Talking's something you can't do judiciously unless you keep in practice."
    Dashiell Hammett

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