What is another word for afar?

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Afar is a word that describes a distance or distance in time. Its synonyms include far away, remote, distant, far off, and out of reach. These words are used to describe situations where something is not easily accessible or close by. Afar can also be used when referring to something that is not within one's immediate perception, such as a distant memory or a far-off dream. Other synonyms for afar include beyond, inaccessible, unapproachable, and unattainable. Interestingly, the word afar also has a noun form, Afar, which refers to an ethnic group in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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How to use "Afar" in context?

Afar is a word meaning "far away." It is often used as a placeholder for a name, in the sense that "Africa" is a placeholder name for Africa.

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