What is another word for Chasse-maree?

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Chasse-maree is a French term used to describe a type of sailing ship that was common in the 19th century. This type of vessel was frequently used for fishing and transporting goods across the ocean. Although the term chasse-maree is no longer commonly used, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe a similar type of ship. Some of these synonyms include schooner, cutter, ketch, and brig. These types of ships were also commonly used for fishing and transporting goods, and they each have their own unique design and characteristics. Overall, chasse-maree is just one of many terms used to describe the fascinating world of sailing ships and maritime history.

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    There are few places in the world as romantic as a hunting lodge on a secluded island. The Chasse-maree is such a lodge. Built in 1877 by the marquis De Sade for his mistress, the setting is rustic, picturesque, and decidedly unpretentious. The lodge has twin towers, each crowned with a lookout turret. The hunting grounds, which stretch for over a thousand acres, include ponds, marshes, and creeks. The lodge rests on a promontory above a deep, clear bay.

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