What is another word for come forward?

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[ kˈʌm fˈɔːwəd], [ kˈʌm fˈɔːwəd], [ k_ˈʌ_m f_ˈɔː_w_ə_d]

Synonyms for Come forward:

How to use "Come forward" in context?

Everybody has a story to tell. Some people are just more inclined to tell their story to the world, whereas others are more likely to keep their story to themselves. For some, telling their story can be cathartic and empowering, allowing them to finally move on from their past, while others may remain stuck in said past due to fear, guilt, or shame.

Regardless of a person's reasons for coming forward, when they do they should be supported. The coming forward process can be difficult and frightening, but it is necessary in order to address the roots of the problem and create a systemic change.

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