What is another word for ageratum?

Pronunciation: [ˌe͡ɪd͡ʒəɹˈɑːtəm] (IPA)

Ageratum is a type of flowering plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family, native to tropical and subtropical regions. It is commonly known as floss flower and used as a bedding plant in gardens. Synonyms for ageratum include blue mink, mist flower, and Mexican paintbrush. Blue mink refers to the plant's blue-colored flowers and mist flower denotes the plant's fondness for moist soil. In the traditional herbal medicine of Mexico, ageratum is called cina, and it is believed to have antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory properties. In summary, while ageratum is the scientific name of this plant, there are several other names used to refer to it, depending on the region and context.

Synonyms for Ageratum:

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Usage examples for Ageratum

"We've decided on ageratum for the border and larkspur and monkshood for the back," said Ethel Brown.
"Ethel Morton's Enterprise"
Mabell S.C. Smith
I should think a low-growing plant like ageratum would be pretty in a vase of that sort.
"Ethel Morton's Enterprise"
Mabell S.C. Smith
Mix with that the Glory of Colwall, which is ageratum blue, showing double flowers, grown on stout, erect stems.
"Garden Ornaments"
Mary H. Northend

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