What is another word for curvy?

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[ kˈɜːvi], [ kˈɜːvi], [ k_ˈɜː_v_i]

Curvy is a descriptive term used to describe the shape of a person or object with pleasing curves or rounded contours. Some of the synonyms for curvy would be shapely, voluptuous, buxom or full-figured. These terms are often used to describe women with curves, but can also be used to describe the curves of a piece of furniture or the contours of a landscape. Other synonyms for curvy include sinuous, meandering and undulating, which describe the wavy or serpentine appearance of something. Ultimately, the synonym chosen may depend on the context and the intention behind the description, but all of these words invoke a sense of pleasing curves and inviting contours.

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    obesity is a big problem in america. if people could just learn to love themselves, they would have less health problems. most Americans think of obesity as someone being extremely heavy, while in reality, obesity is when someone is carrying more than 20% more weight than they would if they were healthy. curvy is not just a size, it's a way of being.

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