What is another word for un-decided?

Pronunciation: [ˈʌndɪsˈa͡ɪdɪd] (IPA)

The word un-decided refers to the state of being uncertain or unable to make a decision. This condition can be described using a range of synonyms such as indecisive, hesitant, ambivalent, unsettled, vacillating, and wavering. Indecisive denotes a lack of ability to decide or a tendency to change one's mind frequently. Hesitant suggests a reluctance to act due to uncertainty or fear. Ambivalent refers to the presence of conflicting emotions or opinions that make it difficult to choose. Unsettled connotes uncertainty or a state of flux. Vacillating implies wavering between options, while wavering suggests uncertainty or hesitation. In summary, the synonyms for un-decided help to convey the nuances of the mental state of indecision.

What are the hypernyms for Un-decided?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for un-decided?

The antonyms for the word "un-decided" are clear, certain, and resolved. When someone is clear about their decision, they have made up their mind and are resolute in their choice. When someone is certain about their decision, there is no doubt, hesitation or uncertainty in their mind. Finally, when someone is resolved, they have made a decision determined to achieve it. Being decisive is crucial in personal and professional life, as it shows that one has the ability to make choices and stick to them. An inability to be decisive can lead to missed opportunities or wasted time. Therefore, it is essential to develop the ability to make clear, certain, and resolved decisions to achieve success in life.

What are the antonyms for Un-decided?

Similar words: uncertainty

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