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Pronunciation: [ˈaps] (IPA)

An apse is a semicircular or polygonal architectural element that protrudes from the end of a church or chapel. It typically contains an altar or other religious iconography and is often used for ceremonial purposes. The term apsidal refers to anything that is shaped like or resembles an apse. Synonyms for apse include sanctuary, chancel, chevet, choir, and presbytery. Other related terms include ambulatory, apse chapel, apse nave, and apse vault. Regardless of its name, the apse is a prominent and essential feature of many religious buildings, providing a focal point for worship, meditation, and reverence.

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Usage examples for Apse

It remains, with the exception of the so-called Chapel of the Nine Altars that replaces the original apse, very much what it was when first completed, and reflects the national unity that was becoming ever more and more complete whilst it was being erected.
Nancy R E Meugens Bell
Unfortunately the second half of the 14th century was marked by a tendency to destroy or obliterate the characteristic details of Early English and Decorated buildings, a notable example of which is Gloucester Cathedral, the beautiful eastern apse of which was pulled down, whilst the piers and walls of the rest of the building were concealed as much as possible, the barbarism being, it must be owned, atoned for to some extent by the addition of a noble eastern window in the Perpendicular style.
Nancy R E Meugens Bell
The temple was a large, oblong hall, with a great figure of Buddha, cross-legged, imperturbable, enthroned in a niche at its further end, like the apse or recess in a church in Italy.
"Hilda Wade A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose"
Grant Allen

Famous quotes with Apse

  • Any woman would see at once the secret of all this ingenuity and effort. The Chartres apse, enormous in size and width, is exquisitely lighted. Here, as everywhere throughout the church, the windows give the law, but here they actually take place of law.
    Henry Adams
  • The Chartres apse is as entertaining as all the other Gothic apses together, because it overrides the architect. You may, if you really have no imagination whatever, reject the idea that the Virgin herself made the plan; the feebleness of our fancy is now congenital, organic, beyond stimulant or strychnine, and we shrink like sensitive plants from the touch of a vision or spirit; but at least one can still sometimes feel a woman's taste, and in the apse of Chartres one feels nothing else.
    Henry Adams

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