What is another word for bagel?

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Bagels are a popular breakfast food that originated in Poland and became popular in North America. They are round, doughy, and have a hole in the middle. Some synonyms for the word bagel include bialy, beigle, beigel, beygel, or beygl. They are often topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon, lox, or other toppings. In recent years, more creative flavors have been introduced, such as cinnamon raisin, everything, jalapeno cheddar, or blueberry. Bagels can also be sliced in half and used as a base for sandwiches or toasted with butter. They are a versatile food that is enjoyed by many people around the world.

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    On days when Jennifer did get to the office first, she'd have the coffee going and an extra bagel for Knickers, on the chance Ally might bring her, which she often did.
    Thomas Hoover
    Knickers had gotten ten paces ahead of her, as though impatient that Alexa was slowing her down, but then she paused in midstride to sniff at a bagel somebody had tossed.
    Thomas Hoover
    She made coffee and ate a bagel.
    "Joe Burke's Last Stand"
    John Moncure Wetterau

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