What is another word for demobilize?

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Demobilize is a term that is commonly used in military or political contexts, and refers to the process of discharging military personnel from their duties. Although there are no direct one-word synonyms for the word demobilize, there are several ways to express this action. Some alternatives include demilitarize, discharge, release or deactivate. These terms highlight the idea of freeing soldiers from their obligations and signaling the end of any military engagement. Other synonyms that convey a similar message include disarm, withdraw, dismantle, or disband. Overall, these words all describe the process of ending military operations and reducing military forces in a specific region.

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The word "demobilize" has a few antonyms that denote the opposite action of the word. The first antonym that comes to the mind is "mobilize." While "demobilize" means to discharge or release someone from military service, "mobilize" denotes the act of assembling military personnel or equipment in preparation for war or military action. Another antonym for "demobilize" is "activate," which refers to the initiation of deployment or military action. Similarly, "martialize" can be considered an antonym for "demobilize," meaning to prepare or organize military forces for combat or war. These antonyms represent opposite actions and are useful in different contexts.

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