What is another word for connector?

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A connector is a device that joins two or more things together, but there are plenty of synonyms for this ubiquitous term. Terms like coupler, adapter, junction, interface, and link can all be used interchangeably with connector. Depending on the context, other synonyms might also apply, such as fastener, binder, hook, or clamp. Each of these words implies a means of interconnecting two distinct entities, whether it be electrical circuits, hoses, or structural components. In the world of business, a connector can also refer to a person who facilitates connections between other individuals or groups. No matter the specific word chosen, the underlying meaning remains the same: a connector is something that brings different things together in a cohesive and functional manner.

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    An "connector" is a device that helps two Pieces of Electrical Equipment (PEs) communicate with each other. There are many different connector types, but the most common ones are plugs and receptacles. Plugs are usually used to connect one PE to another PE, and receptacles are used to connect one PE to an outlet.

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