What are the opposite words for punctilious?

Punctilious is an adjective that describes someone who pays great attention to detail, is highly precise, and strictly follows rules and regulations. Antonyms for this word would be imprecise, careless, slovenly, slapdash, lax, and negligent. Someone who is imprecise does not worry about details or being exact, whereas careless people are not particular about their work and do not take responsibility for their mistakes. Those who are slovenly are untidy, disheveled, or unkempt, while individuals who are slapdash act in a hurried or careless manner without taking time to consider the consequences of their actions. Those who are lax fail to meet the expected standards; they frequently overlook things and pay little attention to details. Negligent individuals are careless, indifferent, and disregard the importance of their responsibilities.

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