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Alfalfa is a common type of fodder crop that is widely used for feeding livestock. Apart from its common name, there are several other synonyms for this plant, including lucerne, purple medic, and buffalo herb. Lucerne is perhaps the most widely recognized synonym for alfalfa and is used in many regions around the world. Purple medic is another popular synonym for alfalfa, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. Buffalo herb, on the other hand, is a term most commonly used in North America. While each of these synonyms may be used interchangeably to refer to alfalfa, they may also have slightly different meanings or connotations depending on context and location.

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    Usage examples for Alfalfa

    They were used to alfalfa.
    Durham, Andrew Everett
    Through it they could see the pale sheen of the ripening barley-fields, broken here and there by the darker green of alfalfa.
    "Stories of the Foot-hills"
    Margaret Collier Graham
    Ole was initiated into the alfalfa Delts on a Wednesday night.
    "At Good Old Siwash"
    George Fitch

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    • I have the right to do whatever I wish with my property. If I own a pile of wood, I can set fire to it even if it is currently nailed together in the shape of a barn. Cigarettes may not be healthy for me in the long run, but I have the freedom to smoke them anyway. Drinking alcohol may or may not have negative side effects, but even if it does, the government has no authority to prohibit you from consuming it, even if it is "in your own best interest." Since when do we let the government decide what is or isn't good for us? What the hell does Congress know about nutrition, anyway? (For that matter, what does Congress know about the Constitution?) If the government can use force whenever something is "in our best interest" then government should force everyone to wake up at 6am every morning for calisthenics in the front yard. Fast food establishments should be torn down and replaced with bars that serve carrot juice and alfalfa sprouts, since - "it's in your best interest." This paternalistic attitude that "the government knows best" and that you are merely a helpless child is insulting and reprehensible. Hitler used the same attitude to persuade the Germans to subjugate themselves to the "Fatherland."
      Michael Badnarik

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