What is another word for custom-made?

Pronunciation: [kˈʌstəmmˈe͡ɪd] (IPA)

"Custom-made" is a term often used to describe something that has been specially crafted or tailored to meet specific requirements. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in place of this term, including "bespoke," "made-to-order," and "handcrafted." "Bespoke" denotes something that has been made according to an individual's specifications, often resulting in a unique and personalized product. "Made-to-order" is a term used to describe products that are created only after the customer has placed an order, ensuring that it meets their exact requirements. "Handcrafted" refers to an item that has been made by hand, with careful attention to detail and quality.

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Custom-made refers to something that is specifically designed or tailored to meet an individual's or a company's unique needs. The antonyms for custom-made are off-the-shelf, standard, ready-made, mass-produced, and generic. Off-the-shelf items are widely available, but not tailored to individual needs, while standard products refer to products that are manufactured to a defined standard. Ready-made products are available in stores for immediate purchase, while mass-produced items are produced in large quantities. Finally, generic products refer to goods that are not specific to any particular purpose or organization. Overall, these words represent the opposite of customization, which is a process that involves designing and creating a unique product.

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Famous quotes with Custom-made

  • To me, the excitement is in ordering a fine shotgun, going through the process that everybody who has bought one has gone through for 100 years. You order it, you make a significant down payment, and then you wait three or four years for the gun to be custom-made for you.
    Tom Selleck
  • He could not endure what he found himself going through, and he could not get away. It seemed to him as if he sat behind the tiller of his custom-made unique quibble, facing a red light, green light, amber light all at once; no rational response was possible. Her irrationality made it so. The terrible power, he thought, of illogic. Of the archetypes. Operating out of the drear depths of the collective unconscious which joined him and her — and everyone else — together. In a knot which could never be undone, so long as they lived. No wonder, he thought, some people, many people, long for death.
    Philip K. Dick

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