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A concordat is an agreement that establishes mutual cooperation and understanding between two parties, typically between governments and religious authorities or between countries. Synonyms for concordat include treaty, pact, accord, agreement, understanding, deal, arrangement, covenant, and settlement. These words generally connote a formal and binding contract or arrangement between parties, often with the goal of resolving a long-standing dispute or addressing a specific issue. While some of these terms may be more commonly used than others, they all share the same fundamental idea of mutual agreement and cooperation. Whether in the context of international diplomacy or religious relations, a concordat can bring about positive changes and promote a more peaceful and harmonious relationship between parties.

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The concordat of 1801 was a commitment by the French government and the Holy See to cooperate in the field of religion. The treaty recognized Catholicism as the sole religion of the French state, and promised the protection of the Church's rights. The treaty was drawn up after the Napoleonic Wars, which had seen the Church persecuted in France.

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