What is another word for asynchronous?

Pronunciation: [ɐsˈɪnkɹənəs] (IPA)

Asynchronous is a word that describes something that is not synchronized or occurring at the same time. Some alternative synonyms can include non-simultaneous, out of sync, and staggered. Another word that can be used is unsynchronized, meaning that two or more things are not coordinated or timed together. Additionally, asynchronous can be replaced with the terms uncoordinated, desynchronized, and unsimultaneous. In technology, asynchronous communication refers to a type of communication that does not require both parties to be present at the same time. Asynchronous communication can also be replaced with alternatives such as delayed communication or non-real-time communication.

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      ASYNC, out-of-sync.
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What are the opposite words for asynchronous?

Asynchronous refers to events or processes that do not happen at the same time. Antonyms for asynchronous include synchronous, simultaneous, concurrent, and real-time. These terms describe events that happen at the same time or in immediate response to each other. Synchronous communication happens in real-time, for example, a video conference call. Simultaneous refers to events that occur at the same time, for instance, multiple people all speaking at once. Concurrent means that two or more events happen simultaneously, but they may not be directly connected. Understanding the antonyms of asynchronous can help in accurately describing events, processes, and communication methods.

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Usage examples for Asynchronous

asynchronous or synchronous modems?
"The Online World"
Odd de Presno
Unless you know that you must have a synchronous modem, buy an asynchronous one.
"The Online World"
Odd de Presno
In 1987, 300, 1200 and 2400 bps asynchronous modems were the standard in many countries.
"The Online World"
Odd de Presno

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