What is another word for close season?

Pronunciation: [klˈə͡ʊs sˈiːzən] (IPA)

Close season refers to a period of time when hunting, fishing or harvesting of certain animals or plants is prohibited by law to allow for their population to recover. Synonyms for close season include off-season, non-harvest season, restricted season, breeding period and sanctuary period. These terms all imply a period of time when the focus is on conservation, allowing wildlife and habitats to regenerate and replenish. While the close season may limit access for hunters and anglers, it benefits the ecosystem within a specific area, ensuring that biodiversity is maintained for future generations. Understanding the significance of the close season and its associated synonyms is essential to preserving the natural world and preventing over-exploitation of our planet's resources.

Synonyms for Close season:

What are the hypernyms for Close season?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
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    off-season, shut-down, dormant period.

What are the opposite words for close season?

The term "close season" refers to a period of time when hunting or fishing is prohibited. The opposite of a close season can be an open season, which indicates that hunting or fishing is legal and permitted during a certain period. Another antonym for close season is year-round hunting or fishing, which means that there is no restricted period of time for these activities. The term "unrestricted season" can also serve as an antonym for close season. In simpler terms, an antonym for close season refers to a time when hunting or fishing is allowed and unrestricted.

What are the antonyms for Close season?

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