What is another word for burnt up?

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[ bˈɜːnt ˈʌp], [ bˈɜːnt ˈʌp], [ b_ˈɜː_n_t ˈʌ_p]

Synonyms for Burnt up:

How to use "Burnt up" in context?

If you've ever had a Grilled Cheese at Joe's Place in Wadsworth, you know that it's one of the best deals in town. But on July 12th, something went wrong at Joe's Place. The kitchen was filled with smoke, and employees were burned while trying to put out the fire. The Wadsworth Fire Department was called to the scene, and they were able to put out the fire, but it was a close call. Jet Coaster, a local restaurant, was also damaged by the fire. It's still not clear what started the fire, but the investigation is ongoing.

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