What is another word for archetypal?

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Archetypal is a word that describes something that represents a universally recognized image or pattern. Some synonyms for the word archetypal include typical, classic, quintessential, traditional, iconic, and model. These words all describe something that is an ideal representation of a particular concept or idea. Other synonyms for archetypal include emblematic, precedent, prototypical, standard, and paradigmatic. Each of these words represents a slightly different nuance of the same concept, but all convey the same idea of something that is representative of a larger pattern or idea. Whatever the word you choose, when describing something as archetypal you are evoking a powerful concept that goes beyond just the thing itself.

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    What is an archetype?

    For many people, the word "archetype" conjures up a mental image of a complex and sophisticated idea, one so complex and nuanced that it can be difficult to define without first exploring it in more depth. But for others, an archetype may be nothing more than a familiar, instinctual example of a type of person, emotion, or behavior.

    Regardless of its definition, the concept of archetypes has a significant role in Jungian psychology, and can be used to explore the deeper roots of human behavior.

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